Wednesday, October 1

This is really happening

Yesterday was my last day at 2 of my 3 jobs. I'm down to just 1 now. It's kind of strange that it's just now starting to sink in a bit. The sadness side of what we are doing finally kind of made itself known yesterday. God seems to be moving us this way through and weather we go through with it all the way, encounter problems before making it to the end, or sail smoothly through to Colorado I know that He has a plan for us. (Just like He had a plan for us during cancer, and like cancer just because something is "God's Plan" doesn't make it easy, per se... it's just easier to have confidence that what you're going through isn't chance.)

I could use some prayer as I am starting to get a bit nervous when it comes to my teeth tomorrow.

We just had our condo inspected for moving. We'll be getting a moving quote on how much it'll cost us to move.




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