Saturday, November 15

Good news everybody...

1. I have met up with Lisa! Yay!! She doesn't look any worse for the wear and I got a brown silk shirt with a dragon on it. (You'll probably see pictures at some point.) The flight came in 20 minutes early. We were supposed to get in at 7:50, we got in at 7:30. Great time. I still am not a fan of flying though... but any less time I have to spend in the air the better.

2. We have reached "Mutual Agreement" on our condo. They offered us a price, we counter-offered, and they accepted that price. They want to expedite the process (they have cash, no financing needed) so we'll be closing in about 15 days.

1 and 2 = God is good! Our house wasn't even on the market a month! Praise the Lord, and now Lisa needs to get a job and then we can start looking for a house/condo/townhome to call our own down in CO and then we can invite people over to hang out! (Our apartment right now is really too small for throwing any kind of party or having too many people over.)

Looks like we're heading out with Cheryl to go out and do something here in a bit. Then we're hanging out with Lisa's aunt and uncle and cousins later tonight. (Who I haven't seen in a year and a half.)

That's about it for now... I'll try to post pictures as I come upon things that might be of interest.



  1. Praise God for His continued confirmation that you guys are exactly where you are supposed to be. (Much the same as when we moved from CA to WA.) You are right in the center of His will for your lives. He is good!

  2. That's awesome about the condo! Very exciting.

    Have fun and be social in socal. haha, a little play on words...?


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