Tuesday, November 18

Disney Tales

As we were leaving Disneyland the other day a mail carrier was leavening as well and a little girl dressed as Bell was coming in. The mailman stopped and bowed and said, "priness!" The little girl looked at him shyly and then he said, " I saw tinkerbell earlier today and she asked me to give you this." At which point he pulled asomething from his mail bag and gave it to her... Lisa and I had already moved on so we couldn't see what he ha ded her, but we thought it was pretty cool none-the-less.



  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    You know that would be my dream come true. I'm totally wearing a princess dress to Disneyland next time ;)

  2. It would only be fitting to have Ingrid in a princess dress at Disneyland. :-) Ingrid I think you and my wife Jane would get along well.

  3. Unfortunately we found out that adults aren't allowed to be dressed up at Disneyland anymore... something about people thinking they are "characters" and then Disneyland is held accountable for their behavior. Like if Pocahontas and Quasimoto were making out, there might be a riot or something and then even if they were just two random "guests" Disney would probably be blamed.

    I was sad, because I thought it would be fun to try some princess dresses on! But they only went up to size "extra large third grader".

  4. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Did you get to ride Lilly Belle?



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