Sunday, December 14

s n o w

I went to bed last night pretty late (it was after 1) and at that point everything was clear the temperature was "cold" (20 something) but it wasn't what I would call "crazy". I woke up this morning with plans to go to church and I got up and looked out the window. Snow. Maybe an inch or two and the wind blowing it everywhere. I fired up and well, you can see the screen shot. (5 degrees and with wind-chill we're looking at -14 degrees (It's actually gotten colder since I've been awake))

I was slightly envious the other day of my Seattle brethren getting a little snow. I'm not anymore... oh yeah, and when is this supposed to let up? Wednesday.

EDIT: An hour later...

EDIT: 12 hours later... Last one, I promise:


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  1. Brrrrrrr!!!!! Dad checked just a few minutes ago and it was 2!!! 2 degrees!!! That's craziness!!! Come up here and defrost in our 28 degree weather. It'll feel like a regular heatwave!


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