Saturday, December 6


Under the cover of darkness, we cooked out first turkey. I mentioned that we are cooking this weekend some of the Thanksgiving classics as we were hankering to do so. We were thinking about times last night and realized that we didn't really have 4 to 5 hours in the day to cook the bird. What to do? We dressed him, and tossed him in the oven when we got home from the OC Christmas party. We checked on him 3 hours later and then pulled him out when he was done. Let him sit and we went back to bed. Today will involve some of the things that take a bit of "putting together" and then hanging out in the oven for a bit. Nothing too big.

We're going out to look at some houses this morning. (Condo is set to close on Monday or Tuesday. Everyone is happy and money will flow.)

Please continue to pray for Lisa's job hunt. On Tuesday she sent out 60 some odd resumes into the wilds of Colorado Springs. Pray that she gets some bites for employment!

I'll write up more on the OC dinner later.


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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Praying for the job & house hunt!


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