Monday, November 9

Another question mark Monday

This weekend was low-key. Saturday and Sunday I went to the infusion center where I got hydration and some drugs. Spent 3 hours there on Sunday and then came home. I was feeling pretty good until I decided that I could eat dinner. I had some dinner and it ended up hurting like crazy. Spent half the night trying to get rid of that pain. It still lingers but not as strongly. That'll teach me to think I can eat normal food.

Not really too sure what today holds for us. I've got an appointment at the infusion center at 11, and then a meeting with my oncologist at 1:30. Not really sure what this week holds chemo wise. I was supposed to be starting my next round today, but that isn't on the schedule anymore right now.

My brother and his wife are coming to visit us mid-week though. That is something I am looking forward to.

I woke up this morning feeling lonely. Not sure why, but I would guess it maybe has something to do with having to be inside so much. The freedoms and abilities I had before are gone because of my health. (That and I am tired a lot of the time.)

Anyway, that's me this morning.



  1. I'm glad Adam and Sheli are coming. That will be good for everyone, I think.

    I think you might ask about the possiblity of intestinal infection. The BRAT diet gets boring, huh?

    Looking forward to getting back there in the next few weeks!


  2. You and your family continue to be in our prayers Ben. I hope and pray that you will be encouraged.

    Lord, we pray for Ben, even now, that You will help him. Thank you, in Jesus name.

    "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you." 1 Thessalonians 5:28

    Karl (the Graham Family)


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