Saturday, November 7

A while

I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately. I still have problem's seeing a computer screen so when I type I can't really tell how well I am spelling things.

I've been going to the infusion center all week for hydration and a drug that will keep some ofthe other side effects down. I have been pretty fatigued all week long.

Last night after coming home from the infusion center I was a complete mess as well. I wonder if it was something I ate, but yesterday's food consisted of a few cherios, a cookie, and a slice of apple. Heading back into the infusion center this morning for a morning pick-me up and tomorrow as well.

I have a meeting with my Oncologist Monday to plan the next steps here. I could really use some prayer for my vision to get back to normal as well as that we can find drugs that manage the side effects better too.

The nurses at the infusion center are all really wonderful people. I know last time I was in the hospital there were several nurses I didn't care for/ hoped to avoid, but these ladies are all really good at what they do and they care a lot. I think I am one of the youngest ones they see in there and I think they have all kind of taken me under their wing to try and make me feel better.

I've strated to loose my hair, not too big of a deal, except it keeps falling in my eyes.

Again, I wanted to thank everyone who has volunteered to help Lisa and I would in some way or another since this has started. It really really helps when either of us can spend time doing something else and have someone volunteer to take care of other things. If you want to help somehow you can email myself or Lisa.

Continue to pray for the chemo to do a very effective job.



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