Sunday, January 24

Round... 5?

I think we're about to hit round 5 here of chemo. Which means I have spent 5 weeks in the infusion center, and about 13 weeks recovering from my 5 weeks in the infusion center.

I'm tired. Mentally I think I am prepared for another week of this. I'm not sure about physically. I felt like recovery this time took longer, but I also felt like when I had recovered (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) that I was more recovered than some of the other times. I don't know that that is a good thing or not. I'm pretty sure I don't want my body (and the cancer) getting used to this chemo at all.

So, my treatment is at 9:30 tomorrow morning and I would appreciate prayer for its effectiveness as well as the recovery. (This seems strange, I am asking that the chemo waste parts of my body and yet at the same time asking that it not work as hard on my body so I can recover faster. I think if I had my choice of the two I'd go for the "waste my body" which equals "kill cancer".)

Thanks team! Here we go again!



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