Thursday, March 11

A humorous conversation

Lisa had some rough starts this week to her morning, sleeping in past her alarm, so the past few days I have been helping. Yesterday making alarm sounds, and today showing off the booming power of the new speaker system. Which lead to this conversation:

L: You can turn that down if you want to keep listening.
B: Music doesn't get turned down in this house! It only goes up!
L: Then this is going to be a problem.
B: I bet you're thinking you should have encouraged me to buy a video camera instead right about now huh?

In all seriousness though (that conversation wasn't) it's been great to be able to listen to music again in a non-head-phoned way. It's probably been close to 4 years since I have been able to do that. (And I don't know that the car counts, as those speakers are really only a step up on the laptop)

Anyway, it brings me back to my childhood and as I sit here on the couch, typing, trying not to be in pain, gazing out the window, or numerous other things, I can now listen to music while doing them. (Unless it's watching a movie... that could get distracting)

Health wise (because what blog entry wouldn't be complete without one of those?) I'm in a lot of pain. The lack of potassium and magnesium in my body, despite my best efforts at keeping them high all week, seem to not be working. I called the doctor yesterday after lunch, and then sent an email after 5pm. Still haven't heard anything, but I am hopeful he'll call sometime this morning. If he doesn't, well then I will call when they are "open" again.

My friend Wes from HS is going to be visiting this weekend, and I think it would be really nice not to be in large amounts of pain the whole time he is here. (Call me crazy)

Prayer please for today that I can get into the infusion center and get the whole potassium, magnesium with side orders going. I am also massively tired, can't seem to sleep past 6, and "sleep" starts getting rocky about 3am. It's like I'm coming in from a sleep landing and it takes 3 hours to get there.

Enough attempting to be funny (it's my coping mechanism!) I'm going to sit here quietly now and hope my heart doesn't burst out of my chest and go somewhere less painful. Thanks team.


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