Wednesday, May 5

Bumpy road down

I spent some time on Monday in the hospital, and avoided it yesterday, and then spent some more time there today. Granted recovery from chemo generally isn't what one might call a walk in the park, but this time around I seem to be hitting a few more branches on the way down. I'm also down about seven pounds from what I normally am at. (With shoes on) I had a doctor's appointment today and we chatted about how things were going, and I have another appointment next Wednesday but I somehow doubt I am going to be able to pick up 10 pounds in a week. That doesn't even sound vaguely healthy. (Funny how I can loose 7 pounds in a week but putting it back on is that much more difficult. I'll see what I can do though.)

As you probably saw my sister's solo art show went up in Bellingham. ( Helped a bit with the web page, especially now as I am looking for things to do.

Speaking of things to do Lisa and I are planning our next trip down to Houston. We get to drive this time (Wooo!) which Lisa isn't a big fan of, but I am very excited to see some places and things (and not be bounced) that I normally don't get to see. This also means potential for new places to eat! I'll be on Yelp and other such sites in the upcoming weeks to nail down the most awesome eateries. (Of course if you have any suggestions within the Colorado Springs, Houston loop let me know.)

Prayer requests: My health, as usual. That things will even out and I can gain some weight. Also I have been trying (via our care calendar) to get some cleaning help for Lisa on the weekends so she doesn't have to work so hard while I lie there and try to not act so pathetic. (Sometimes I can't help it) Help for that would be great. Also, the next time we go down to Houston we are planning on trying to squeeze at least three weeks from the doctor so we can go visit Seattle for a while. It would be nice if this trip had his blessing.

Thanks team for the continued love and support!



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