Sunday, June 27


I've been thinking about it and it's funny. (What is "it" you ask) It is my treatments and, quite frankly, they aren't funny, but it's a kind of "funny" twist. I have to move to Houston to get treatments that will make me feel better, and not effect me as hard as the chemo I have been having, and odds are good I will feel good enough to work. However I will be in Houston, and out of reach of my job except for what I can manage to do remotely. (Which I am hoping is a lot)

On the flip side if I stay here and do chemo and radiation then I am faced with being too sick to work. It's a "funny" twist.

Part of this that makes the choices as "funny" as they are is that part of my goal when taking the job I currently have was to de-centralize IT for the company so it didn't matter if you were in Colorado Springs, Singapore, or Gamrie so long as you had an internet connection. Granted any office of a certain size is going to need an actual IT person to do network, desktop, and general software trouble shooting, but the system should be setup so that as long as there is an internet connection help can be requested at any time and the connection should be almost instant, or at least within 24 hours. As we are spread all over the globe I see no reason why our IT infrastructure shouldn't be as well. Ooo, gotta be careful, getting excited there. You're going to get a whole novel sized paragraph on this if I don't stop now. Anyway, that is some of the excitement I feel like I have been missing out on while being sick. This is why I see my (potential) move to Houston as a potentially good thing right now. Not only for the medical reasons, but for seeing what we can make happen remotely.

A peak into what makes me tick.



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