Monday, June 28

Still with the waiting

I ended up emailing the study coordinator last night (as she told us her voicemail is always full and there is little chance she will get back to us within two days if we leave a voicemail.) and I am hoping to hear back from them soon. (I guess they have a Monday morning staff meeting that runs until 9:30 (CST) but when we were there I don't think it got out until 10:15 (CST). The later time is coming up soon so I hope to see an email from them soon. If I don't hear anything by noon I'll resend my email and start to be the squeaky wheel.

I am feeling pretty drained this morning. It's strange, the kind of weird nervousness I have been feeling isn't like the nervousness I feel right before meeting with one of the Oncologists who is about to tell me something I'd prefer not to hear, but need to know. This is a strange kind of almost a touch of excitement. It's such a huge variance. Move to Houston and get a treatment that could really help. Or stay in Colorado Springs and get something that might work but will really tear up my body. I know which one I want to try first and I am excitedly waiting on it.

I'm going to go do something to take my mind off of it.



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