Wednesday, September 8

Medical Update (and a picture)

This picture is from two years ago when we moved from Seattle to Colorado Springs. Seemed like a good reminder that life doesn't end when you move from one place to another. (And that there will still be a small green parrot and the internet where we end up) Having said that it looks like we'll continue to be in Houston for an unknown period of time.

The report/ scan from last week showed what the oncologist chose to label as "stable" tumors. This means that some (the ones nearest my heart) shrank, while others grew a bit. (I guess the cutoff on me continuing this trial is if they show a growth of 20%... which considering how much room is in my body would be noticeable I think.)

We'll continue this trial, and then other treatments here in Houston until the tumors go away, or I do. However with the trial and tweaking dosage sizes it looks like my platelets might stabilize, which means I could travel (plane) between here and there so long as I was back to get my treatments. Thus while my trips away from Houston might be short (less than a week) I will be able to leave the city of eternal heat, and see other parts of the world.

Speaking of seeing other parts of the world, Lisa and I are taking a trip this weekend to celebrate her birthday on Friday. Thanks to some birthday donations we'll be able to take a short cruise to Mexico. This will allow us to get out of the house, see some other parts of the world, and also work on trying to do something about my sheer lack of weight gain. (Still. I'm down two pound this week) We're excited to get some time away and do something we haven't done before... visit another country while being married. (Expect pictures and video upon our return)

Prayer requests:
- Lisa has crested week three with her cough. Her meds are making it sound better, but her coughing can keep me up at night sometimes. This is easily the longest she has been sick since we've been married.
- We'll probably be renting our townhouse out. Not sure of the details on this. Of course if we could find a friend to rent it to that would make life easier, but we're thinking we'll probably need to gut it of our stuff and rent it out via some agency.
- My health. Tumor death and chemo working.
- Travels, that when we do (even driving around Houston is crazy) them, that we will be safe.

Thank you team!



  1. Yipppeee! It's working in the right direction. We are delighted as I'm sure your other friends/relatives are as well. Is your cruise out of LaPorte or Galveston? Do you want a ride? If the dates work out we could take you and pick you up. We're headed for Portland on the 16th, back the 25th. Let us know. We'll send food home with you too (ie ribs are on the smoker this weekend).

  2. thanks for the update~!

  3. thanks for the update~!

  4. Thanks for the update, Ben. Enjoy your cruise. You guys will have a blast. Count on me to help as it relates to furniture moving, etc. in Colorado Springs.


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