Monday, May 23

Bleh with a capital bl

This is going to be one of those posts I think. You know the type the ones that would have been right at home on myspace eight or nine years ago. Yes, one of those. Maybe I should take a picture of myself with my arm extended and looking like someone just dumped me for a chocolate cream cake. (you're thinking, well, yeah, chocolate cream cake!)

I'm feeling very post-chemoy today. I realized that in the past 21 days I have been to the hospital for some reason or another for 19 of those days. And those two days off were not consecutive. I need a break. I need more than two days off in a row where I don't have to think about which hospital I am going to go to and the best route to get there, and back, and at what time.

It will be this weekend. The unofficial start to summer. I'm taking Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They can say what they like, but I'm calling in some non-hospital time. I'm willing to bet I have spent more time there than some of the nurses I interact with. Most defanately the doctors.

I'm tired. Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday promise to be pretty long days at the hospital... With nothing scheduled after that. It's all up in the air... As usual. Except for the weekend. I'm drawing a line in the sand.

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