Friday, June 24

Large needle update

This morning went better than yesterday morning. (Which is saying something as there were large needles involved this morning and only the THREAT of large needles yesterday)

We arrived 10 minutes early, and were called into the room 70 minutes later. (7:30am appointment time, for a 9:30am procedure? Right...) It was funny that as "far off" the start time as they were they got me into the room to do the procedure right at 9:30am.

This time they did put me asleep and I don't remember a thing until 10:50am when I blearily opened my eyes after responding to several questions. They also opted to go through my back to get a tumor sample as opposed to going through my lung. (Which I could have told them yesterday was a better idea in the first place) As a result there was no risk of a lung collapsing and while my back feels like I have been hit by someone with a large stick, there is little other pain involved.

Really a good thing all around that I bailed out yesterday. On the route to get the tumors it was safer today and they put me under which led to a lot less stress as well. Yesterday after coming home I was so tired from freaking out about the biopsy. I had bad dreams all night long about medical mishaps, so I am very glad that today was easily six times less stressful. (Quantifiably less stressful!)

Also a big thanks to the folks in our small group who when they heard I was going to be chemo-ing all next week all signed up to bring meals. That will be a major load off for Lisa. (Also, on a slightly funny note they all signed up for meals in just about perfect alphabetical order, even though they did it randomly...) Thanks for caring everyone. Even those not here, those that remember Lisa and I in prayer really mean a lot to me. It means a lot to us. Thank you all.

Now back to recovering. (Translation: doing nothing)

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