Wednesday, March 21

Shrinky Dink

Just met with with the doctor and got the pathology report from the scan I had yesterday. While a lot of the tumors seem to be about the same as they were in January in regards to their metabolic rate the actual SIZE of the tumors have shrunk considerably. One of them going from 1.5x1.6cm to 1.2x0.4cm. A lot of general shrinking all over from what I see in the report. (Can't see the images) Definitely a praise!

In other semi-related news, we took Lisa off my health insurance plan and ended up with a considerable savings. (Who knew, I figured they calculated her health costs based on, well, her health... that is not the case.) We moved her to her own insurance which has helped saved some money on our total health insurance costs. (Which some of you have so generously donated to!)

Thank you for the continued support and prayers! You all have prayed me this far and God has been gracious enough to answer the prayers for healing with a "yes". It's been a hard fight, but we will continue. Thank you all, you mean a lot to me.

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