Wednesday, February 13

Resounding drum

I've been looking over my blog posts the last few weeks and they have been a lot of the same thing. "I'm feeling ok/ horrible/ bleh/ grrr..." which has also led to me turning my posts into podcasts... because I have felt just so... bleh, most of the time.

Lisa said yesterday evening, "We've had a hard past couple of weeks." I think this stems mainly from Lisa having to do everything that I can't manage to help with because I have been spending SO much more time in bed. And then for me spending a lot more time feeling "bleh".

So my apologies for the repeated updates where I talk about how much I have thrown up that week.

I'm hoping that in the future I can get back to other details of my life.

I really, really need prayer for strength. Even when I have a good day I really have a hard time keeping up with everything I am wanting to do because of the lack of energy.

Thank you friends.

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