Wednesday, March 13

A week of healing

Last week they told me I had pneumonia and handed me seven pills that were half the length of my pinky. Every morning this week after taking the pills (8 hours later) I have thrown up within 10 minutes to 2 hours of waking up. Last week as the chemo pill I was on started to wear off my energy level returned to where I could actually FEEL sick from the pneumonia. (That probably sounds funny... being too sick to feel sick, and getting well enough to feel sick...) So I spent some days last week in recovery mode... not doing a whole lot.

Yesterday and today I have started to feel a lot better with the removal of some of the drugs from my system, as well as wrapping up the drugs to remove the pneumonia. Overall I would say I am starting to feel the best I have felt all year. I am excited for the next few weeks of feeling good, physically, and enjoying some of the freedom that feeling both physically and mentally good brings. (Do me a favor and enjoy it, even if just for a day, if that is your default state!)

Lisa's siblings are coming down to visit us, starting this evening. We'll be showing them some of the sights and sounds of Houston. (Rodeo tomorrow) I am hoping the intersection of feeling better and starting to have energy again will be enough to keep up with everyone for some of the activities we have planned. I could use some prayer in regards to that.

I have an appointment setup for seeing the "Targeted Therapy" or "Phase One Trial" doc for next Monday morning. Not sure what he is going to say/ suggest (if anything) but it'll still be in my "washout" period, so it'll probably have to wait a week or two before doing anything else. In the mean time, in this period of "waiting" Lisa and I are really going to focus a lot of time and prayer into seeking what God wants us to do with all this. Do I pursue more treatments? Prayer healing? Something else?

I have come to doubt how really "open" I am to what God wants me to do, but it is my hope that in the next few weeks that if I am actively ignoring something that God wants me to learn, know, or do, that I can listen to that and not ignore it or write it off as something crazy, something I would never do, or something that someone else has never done. Or maybe, staying where I am is what I am supposed to do. The idea is that I not write anything off because of preconceived notions.

A little update on my insurance situation. Looks like it STILL isn't worked out yet. It's just that I haven't been using resources that suck up thousands of dollars so I haven't had to pay for them. But I got a call from my insurance company this past week saying that they have escalated the problem up to another department (this is the 3rd bump this problem has gotten...) and I should hear something again in another week or so. That will hopefully come with a reimbursement check, as I think overall I am still out of pocket some 3-5 thousand dollars that have been promised to be reimbursed for.

Thanks for the prayers and support everyone.

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