Monday, March 18

Feels like... pain

The past week I have had something like three migraines. The most recent one was this morning and started about 9:30. I went to the hospital, got a blood draw, and then went upstairs to see the doctor about the drug trials and as I was filling out paperwork I realized my vision was starting to disappear. It went from "being able to see" to "not being able to see" maybe the quickest I have ever had a migraine effect me. We rescheduled a new time to see the doc as I couldn't see a thing and was expecting my brain to explode in pain sometime soon. Lisa then lead me downstairs to the car and we made our way home where I took some meds and then spent a majority of the day in bed while my head threatened to separate itself from my body.

Lisa's siblings are in town and while we're been having a good time the migraines I have been having (as they last for 24 hours) have really put a damper on some of the stuff I have been able to do with them. I'm not entirely sure I would have had the energy to go out and do all the stuff they did, but I at least would have spent more time hanging out and less time holding my head in a dark room wishing the pain was over.

So we've rescheduled seeing the doctor for Wednesday afternoon. We'll see if there is anything he has suggestion wise for next steps in cancer fighting. My hope though really resides more in prayer and God's healing... because it doesn't destroy me in order to "make me better". I'm tired of being sick in order to be "healthy".

That's the update. More on Wednesday.

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