Friday, April 12

Do do I do from here

My typing skills the the past few days have been kind of lacking. I am sure it has something to do with calories in taskes, etc. Btu I am have been really been having a fun time with friends and family.

I really want to see as many of you as possibly, but it's going to be at the house for the freseeable foreseeable future, The Lord is my schepard

I was encouraged the other morning to dwell on the beautiful and lovely things of God at this point. I really want to. What verses do you use to dwell on Gos

I am tired, and I pretty sure that comes from seeing people, but a the moment it's not that easy,
Crossing. I would GREATLY appreciate prayers for today... espcially as I am having surgery to try and remove dim spots in my abdomen, that might be liquid, which might mean I could breate a bit more easier! Only I get to try it without anything other than local anasceptic/ pain duller. We shall see what the game is like.

I really, really covet your prayers as I go out into the world. God has given me a spirit of power and not of timidity. Please help me focus my eyes on Him, and be strange and courageous. His power would be made perfect in weakness.

I love you all and it gets harder.
Please pray for my procedure today for my breath to find some form or new expansion.

Prayers are 100% apprciated today. Rest is number two. I love you all.

Sorry this is dsjoined, I look forward to more when I am awake.

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