Monday, March 25

Sunday's at BN are slow, like ghost town slow. The kind of slow that is reserved for the couple minutes before school lets out. Except imagine that this slow lasts from 6pm to 11:00pm (when we close). 5 hours of slow... Anyway, BEFORE 6 it was busy, the kind of busy that is reserved for the few minutes after school lets out. (Do you see a pattern developing here? It's the opposite of school, I get paid to be there, and time works opposite.)

Douglas Adams had it right when he said that the time after 4:00pm on Sunday afternoons is the "Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul". The span of time where it seems that the very whole of creation has decided to just slow down a bit. Like a Dali-ized world in which clocks turn to rubber and the faces of those near you turn into surrealistic melting landscapes.

In other news I finished "Beggars in Spain" by Nancy Kress. GREAT book. And I discovered (much to my happiness) that she wrote 2 more book in the series. So I will be looking forward to reading those as well. My next book on the reading list is Margret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale". I think I will read that one through tomorrow.

In still other news I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednseday off from BN. I work for a bit on Wednseday at MS, but other than that no real work until Thursday! So either look forward to a lot of linkage, or very little. Or maybe something down the middle... =) Who knows... we'll see.

Oh! and sad news! Marrowind doesn't come out April 2nd as SOME close web partner told me... but April 26th! (Or so says Well, it looks like I'll actually be able to get some classwork done for the first part of this quarter then.

See you all tomorrow!



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