Saturday, April 13

Hey all,
today seemed like FOREVER at BN... but it was almost a good forever. For those of you that might hear some nasty rumors floating around, I want to confirm that they are all HORRIBLY true! (Well, at least the ones I know about.) And before I get myself in too much deeper I will tell you how they came about. One of the people I work with had volunteered a while ago to be a "Bernstein Bear" costumed character today for the children's story time. Little did I know that they had two of them. (Mama and Papa Bear) So when my boss is talking in the morning meeting this morning he says, "How and if we have any volunteers to be a Papa Bear..." For some reason my hand FLEW up. So when 11am rolled around, I got myself into the big (hot) costume and lumbered outside. I then proceeded to act out the children's story and (it was hot) I even got "hugs and Hi-fives" at the (hot) end.

It's funny. Kids will hug anything. When I was the mascott in high school, (the Knight, that BIG BLACK (hot) plastic thing) kids would come up and want to hug me in that thing too. It wasn't even soft! Of well, this costume was very (hot) soft. But it was fun. "You know... for Kids!" (Ok... maybe only Dan will get that line, but if YOU do get it, you're up on your Cohen brother films.)

Got my PDA today also... looks like fun times ahead! =)

Oh... and would the owner of a small european country please come claim it? It's been floating around my desktop for a couple days now and I'm starting to get ticked off by all the tourists.



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