Wednesday, January 22

Hello, it's me again.
I had the best cup of tea I have ever had tonight. It left me wanting more, yet I was afraid that by having more I might tarnish the excellent tea expirence I had just had. It was a nice Earl Grey tea with just enough cream and just enough sugar that when it cooled down so it wouldn't burn my tounge off, it was great. I have to admit I am starting to try to get into this whole "tea scene"

I also picked up another book at work today. The "Charles Williams Reader" containing such classics as: The War in Heaven and Decent into Hell and more! For those of you not in the know Charles Williams was a contemporary of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. They all hung out and did the writing poetry and fiction thing together "back in the day". So far I've found him to have a nice sense of humor and writes a lot like C.S. Lewis did in the Space Trilogy. It was an interesting thought as to who influenced who's writing. (Side note: Charles Williams is also famous/ more well known, for his Arthurian poetry.)

Well, I'm off to get my 4 hours of sleep before school!



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