Saturday, February 1

First off I wanted to send my condolences to the familes of the astronaughts on the space shuttle Columbia this morning. It was risky, they chose to be up there, but still, I admire those people that do things that only others dream about.

in other news I got the Boss AW-3 last night in the mail and haven't gotten a chance to play with it until I got home today. So I was excited when I plugged it in and heard the first sounds of the Boss Dynamic Wah come rolling accross at me. I just have to figure out how it sounds with the rest of the band. Oh well. It's fun. I feel like I have stepped into the "real" world of electric guitar. I now have an effects box. That said, it didn't come with a manual, so I have had to try and figure out the sound all on my own. Which has been fun, but probably not as amazing as it could be if I knew what I was doing.



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