Monday, April 28

What a way to start the morning! Trying to track down a credit card I had in my name that I have never, ever used, that I have supposedly had for 2 years. I got a free credit report from some bank, and then had to backwards track the information simply from the address listed on the "company" information under the "name" (which was no help) of the credit card lender. Then I called one company and had to "get past" their automated answering machine that wouldn't let you get past until you entered your card number (which I didn't have), and then talked to a lady that said I needed a different number. Get new number, dial it, and then fight my way through another automated answering machine (this time with obnoxious "feeling" put into the computer's voice) where I was greeted by a rather andriod like sales rep who asked me a bunch of information and at the end was like, "Yes we can close that account for you effective immediately."
Right... good.

My question is why on earth do they let those things sit there for 2 years and not do anything. The card was never activated but there it sat. Did no one bother to check/ follow up as to why the card was never activated? I would think if nothing else it would just be good bussiness to do that.

Anyway, this is the further adventures of Ben in Credit Land. (Which is truely, a dark and scary place, devoid of life, offering much but taking more.)



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