Wednesday, July 23


As many of you might know I don't tend to get a lot of sleep starting Sunday and going to about Wednseday afternoon. I however have come up with a brilliant plan that will be sure to get me 2 extra hours of sleep a night!

After work I simply drive to BCC (25 minutes with no traffic!), find myself a parking space somewhere in the back of the parking lot or something, and then go to sleep in the back of my car. Then instead of getting up at 5am to do everything I need to do to get ready in the morning, I just get up at 7:15 straighten my hair a bit, don a new shirt, and I'm good until I get home after class to take a shower!

Sheer genious... you can't deny it... sadly however this "genious" comes to me at the END of the quarter. Ahh well, sometimes the brain storms are slow in coming.



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