Wednesday, July 23

Google Toolbar

I don't know if any of you would find this helpful/useful at all, but I use it and I felt that because I care about you all that I would pass it on. Google Toolbar is a handy dandy little toolbar (this is a 2.0 beta BTW) that sits in internet explorer and allows you to do google searches without ever having to go to google's site first. I find it enjoyable. They have also added a new feature which I think is brilliant: pop-up blocking. If nothing else, this is worth the pop-up blocker that comes with it. It makes sure that I don't get stuff I don't want, and you dial-up users should deffinatly enjoy it because you don't have to download extra stuff you don't want.

It also has a fun little "autoFill" feature that will fill in stuff like your name and address when you push a button. Takes the joy out of typing your name and address over and over again.

Anyway, check out the link and give it a try. (Also support Google Pagerank if it asks you to!)



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