Friday, September 12

Jars and then some

All this week I have ben working in Recieving. Which means I get to work by 7am and then hide in the back room all day and unpack boxes and boxes of books. I've probably helped unpack close to 5 tons of books this week.

I got off work yesterday and drove to the lovely lady Lisa's house where we then proceeded to head to the Puyallap fair. Lisa and I had dinner, avoided the raindrops, and then went to a concert (where we were in row 3) of Jars of Clay and Toby Mac. Toby was loud. I was holding my hand over my right ear because it was just hitting levels that I couldn't stand, and a security guard walked up to me and handed me a pair of ear plugs. Bless the man. Anyway, sounds like Jars just finished another album, so we'll probably be seeing that sometime in the next 6 months.

After the concert Lisa and I had a "Fair classic", Elephant ears, and washed it down with some Alienade. Overall I think I must admit that while some of the stuff at the fair is fun to look at, I'm generally not a big fan of that much noise, bright lights, and that many people. I think the fair woks just fine if you're only there for 3-4 hours. Any more and I stand getting overload.

I've got several complaints about Wired magazine, which I subscribe to, that I will go into detail later on. I didn't want to cram this space.



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