Tuesday, November 23

Alexander the meh...

Dustin's dad works for Evening Magazine (KING5 TV) and occationally can get tickets to first showings of movies. Take last night for instance, we went to see Alexander. A couple hours before we had gone my Latin teacher had said if we went to see Alexander and wrote 1000 words on it that we could get 3 percent extra credit for it. I thought that was pretty cool. Let me tell you now, that I came home and in less than an hour typed up 1000 words about how incredibly lame the movie was. I used words like "Pretentious Epic" and "grasping at the shoe-strings of the great movie epics like Ben Hur, Spartacus and Gladiator". (Speaking of which I feel the need to watch something a little more epic and well done because of that.)

Anyway, I could essentially write those 1000 words over again about why the movie was so incredibly lame and horrible, but I won't. Suffice to say that it would be a rather BIG waste of a good 3 hours (I looked at my watch 40 minutes into it and wondered when it would be over...) and 10 bucks.

If there is a futher outcry for what I thougt of it I might post the essay.



  1. I'd be interested to read your essay, if you wanted to post it.

  2. Woah there, Ben. If you're going to talk about an epic being GOOD, you should remove anything w/ Mr. NRA...
    "May your forehead grow like the mighty oak..."


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