Friday, November 19

This morning I feel: Devious

Last night at about 3am Dustin started snoring fit to bring the house down. I tried various ways of waking him up. First I clapped really loud, no result. Then I turned on my radio, half way up volume wise, still nothing. The snoring continued. Follwoing that I went and turned on the light in our room! (I would have been up at the clapping) Again, no result, the intake of breathe was still great and ragged. I laid down in bed wondering if I could set his alarm off somehow, and then it struck me! The phone is right by his head. I picked up my cell phone and called us. I let it ring once and turned it off. Worked like a charm and was louder than his alarms are in the morning. He woke up, fumbled for the phone for a bit, noticed it didn't ring again and rolled over and went back to sleep. Minus the snoring! Dare I say I was excited!? I happily rolled over and went back to sleep, remembering to remember this tactic again.


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