Sunday, November 14

The madness!

The past couple Saturdays I have dedicated my day to cleaning up/ out my old room at home. (The folks are moving and there is no more room for Ben.) It's really been cutting into my study time at school and I hope I can recover in Latin.

By the way: I had heard the wonders of Firefox but until this morning I had not realized how great it was. Get it, it's cool, and it's less of a hog than Internet Explorer. (I suggest getting it from because they have servers that can handle the load.

Other news, I have a Latin test on Friday, a UDFN paper (12 pages) due the Monday after Thanksgiving that he hasn't talked about yet, and an Ancient civ paper due at the start of December.

I register for classes on Tuesday! Interpersonal Communication starts off my MWFs, then it's Latin 1102, followed by Advanced GrammEr. Tuesdays and Thursdays I am scott free of classes and can "just work" those days. Wednesday afternoons I have another class "Imaginative Writing" from 3:00 to 5:50pm. It should be a good next quarter!

On a more serious note: Slander, swearing, or anything I might deem "innapropriate" will not be tolerated in the comments field of my blog. If you have something to say you can email me ( and say your peace.


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  1. Hmmm, I take it you had a comment that was inappropriate, huh? Too bad.


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