Monday, August 29

PAX, pizza and a closet organizer

In a very last minute choice Katie (Lisa's Sister), Nate Skone, and myself decided to go to the Penny-Arcade Expo (PAX). This was, I am going to say, a cultural experience. I am what you would call a casual video gamer. Never the type to plunk down the 300+ dollars for a console, and simply content to maybe end up paying $55's every few months for something that I have been wanting to play every so often. I don't think I have played more than 8 hours of Halo 2 or Counter Strike. I just make good cannon fodder when I do end up playing the games. However the video gaming kind of goes along the whole "Geek" cred so I try to keep an eye on it so that I know what my fellows are talking about. (I should really be going to technology expos... I need to find a job that pays me to go the technology expos...) Anyway, at PAX one could see the finest sampling of hard-core gamers to be had. Coming from all over the United States to pool in Bellevue for the weekend. Overall it was interesting experience and I realized I really didn't have much reason to be there, but I got a free shirt from AMD so I would say the event panned out just fine.

Saturday night Lisa and I unpacked some (more) boxes and then watched the movie Hitch. I thought it was a fun movie, if a little predictable. It goes on my recommendation list. Consider yourself recommended!

Now for the slightly funny story. After we were done with the movie we started to put away the clothes that Lisa had been washing off and on throughout the day. As I go to put away the last thing that I have to put away, I reach my hand out to hang up my pair of pants and suddenly the eight and a half foot bar the runs the length of our closet decided it had had enough of being suspended in the air, an thus promptly fell to the ground. The screws that had held the mounts and the bar together were launched out of the closet. The irony of this is that Lisa and I had been to Lowes after she picked me up from PAX, and we had looked at closet organizers and decided we could wait to get one of those until later. Saturday night Lisa and I decided that Sunday was later enough.

Sunday found Lisa and myself at church, for both services, for the first time since we've been married. After church we went to Burgermaster and we got to EAT IN OUR CAR!! Wow... will the inventiveness of the 50's ever stop? I really like the food I just think the concept is kind of funny. You get to pay typical hamburger prices to sit in your own car and eat. (As a kid I remember that eating in the car, especially with things like hamburgers, was frowned upon. I wonder that the "eat in your car" thing ever took off as well as it did.) Well, my hat's off to the guy who came up with the idea and thus saved on building costs. (Following Burger master we went to Lowes and picked up the closet organizer we had been looking at the day before.)

Sunday evening we had Beth over (my sister) for some home made pizza. (Which rides with me as lunch today.) She said it was very good (Lisa and I already knew that) so I am going to suggest if you're a fan of home pizza making that you get yourself a Pizza Stone (TM) and a peel and start making yourself pizzas! Then we played a game of Clue (Beth won) and then a game of Scrabble. (Lisa won)

It's back to work for me today. This is my last full week here at SBRI. Then next week has a holiday attatched to it and that will be my last week here. Then I'll be taking a week off and then starting back working at SPU.



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