Thursday, August 25

Science Lesson

Cause and Effect: Maybe I am wrong but this is something that I think a lot of children experiment with for a lot of their young lives. If I drop the ball, it will fall. Cause and Effect. So as an adult, of at least 30, cause and effect should be something that you'd be pretty firmiliar with right? Especially in a Biomedical research institute where science is the name of the game.
However, this appears to not be the case. Yesterday I was approached by a worker here who said that "My keyboard is spewing out weird characters and won't stop." I was like, "Huh, that's odd!" So we went to her computer and sure enough, open up Word or click on anything and odd characters start flowing out. So I went and replaced her keyboard, and discovered that the ground was wet with mopped up coffee, the keyboard was sticky and damp, and there had, quite obviously, just recently been a spill of a whole cup of coffee.

Cause: I spill coffee all over my computer.
Effect: My computer will no longer work. (Even assuming that you knew nothing about computers, wouldn't you assume that RIGHT AFTER you spilled your coffee on your computer and it stopped working that it might have had something to do with what you just spilled on it?)

Further evidence you don't need to be a genius to work in a technology related field.



  1. It may not be a lack of genius but a lack of common sense where computers are concerned. I think most people feel that computers use a perverse and arcane logic. The computer stupidities page is proof of that.

  2. Also, maybe they just need you to replace keyboards.

  3. There may be an embarassment factor as well: knowing she shouldn't have the coffee near enough to spill on the keyboard, perhaps she neglected to tell you so as not to make herself look stupid (though obviously it didn't work)


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