Thursday, August 18

Ten points for Ravenclaw...

The things you write when you have no idea what you're going to title your blog entry.

Lisa and I have started to write thank you notes to people who sent us gifts for our wedding. Soooo, if you sent us something keep your eyes on the mail! If you didn't send us anything, well, it's not too late! =)

Tonight we're going to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and do some brush-up shopping. Tonight, we shall have a vacum! (Which is good because the place needs it!)

This weekend is to be the first "free" weekend that Lisa and I have had since we got married. We've made sure not to have any solid plans other than we're making Pizza for dinner that night.

Not much else of interest at the moment. I'm eager to get the condo finished so I can stop rearranging things in the evenings. =)



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