Friday, August 19

Math I enjoy

Our shopping trip last night was not as long as it could have been. Bed Bath and Beyond took all the stuff we had to exchange, then returned it to us and told us how much it was worth, then Lisa and I ran around the store and filled 2 (two) shopping carts with stuff we needed for around the home. I was a little worried that we'd end up spending a thousand dollars or something. But no. Here's roughly how it broke down:
Everything total was 673 plus change. We then had a 20% off coupon for our entire purchase. So then subtract about 130 from that number. Then we had another 300+ in return money, plus another 160 in gift certificates. The total cost to us for 2 shopping carts full of stuff from BBB was $13.

We've deffinatly been blessed to get the little extra things that will turn the condo into "home" for us. And a big thanks to everyone who contributed to that little "spree" Lisa and I had last night.



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