Wednesday, August 24

Wide screen... coming through...

Last night after dinner Lisa went to Target, and I went to Fry's. Now Fry's is a dangerous, dangerous place. The best way to go into Fry's is either 1. With a goal in mind, or 2. no money. Last night I took option 1. I walked into the store and without looking to the left or the right I walked straight to the back and intot he computer monitor section. Found the monitor I was looking for (after much research) and then back up front to the checkout stand. I was good. I didn't look at anything else.

So, that said the monitor is pretty nice. I would give it a 7 out of 10 honestly. It doesn't support a full 16.7 million colors (which is funny because it's close at something like 14 or 15 million, but you can see the difference) it's native resolution isn't anything higher than 1280x768, which is ok. but I was kind'a hoping for something like 1900x1600 or something. Response time is a nice 12ms though and MAN can that screen get bright. 450nits or something like that.

Widescreen is nice though. I have to say that is a very nice feature. Granted it's like looking at a 15 inch screen with extra real-estate, but it's nice. Slight buyers remorse, but to get what I would really like would take another $600, and that isn't going to happen. =) I think I'll warm to it a bit more as I use it more.

Did I mention it's HDTV ready and have Picture in Picture so I can work on my computer and watch TV at the same time!? =) Only I don't think I can run a TV cable accross the condo.



  1. You know, it's funny, I've been in Fry's several times, but have not had anything close to the experience you talk about avoiding. I've never bought anything from them, nor have I really been tempted. I wonder why?

  2. Ian has the same experience Ben does at Fry's -- it IS a dangerous place for tech-minded people. The prices are good, the stuff is good...what's not to like?

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I don't think it's even that the prices are good. It's just that the prices aren't outrageous, and all the tech is all in one place.

    Quite honestly if I had bought that monitor at Newegg I would have saved a bundle, but with the gift cert I had it just about broke even.

    I think it's the fact that everything is there in one place, and you can see it and touch it. (And if they were any closer I would be there a lot more, and then buy the stuff on Newegg... =) )


  4. Anonymous7:23 AM

    P.s. I do like the monitor a lot. Went home last night and put it through it's paces. Suprisingly it does black a whole lot better than my CRT did. So when I happen to be playing Star Wars Galaxies and it gets dark, I was surprised at how "Dark" it really was.

    Plus it looks cool on the desk. =)



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