Sunday, December 25

A Christmas Poem

A Merry Christmas to all, this my nine-hundredth post,
I hope you're all celebrating with the family you love most.
perhaps you're toiling away in the kitchen this year,
To bring those who'll be eating lots of good cheer!
Or maybe you're camped out under the tree,
opening presents from my family and me.
Whatever your choice, whether light meat or dark,
I hope this Christmas will definitely leave its mark!

Now I'm off to rescue my poor sister from her misery. (My family isn't opening presents until Lisa and I get there... =) )


1 comment:

  1. Hope you had a good Christmas this year and that Beth doesn't hate you too much for having to wait. : ) I'm sad I didn't make it to the party at Ian's parents' place, but am excited for the 'Tween party!!!


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