Thursday, February 12


Lisa and I closed on the townhouse today. Next week is painter week, the week following that is flooring week, and then we'll wrap up some odds and ends and then start moving our stuff from the apartment to the new place. Lisa took a bunch of pictures of the townhouse today in it's "As Is" state, and we'll take a bunch of pictures in a couple of weeks when it's in its "polished" state. Then I'll make some comparison pictures for you to see and ooo, and ahhh, over.

While this is going on we are also house sitting for some friends who are headed to Spain. (The interesting part about being a missionary and working with missionaries is that they tend to go places a lot.) We'll be keeping an eye on their 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 house. Lisa and I were joking about completely training their puppy while they are gone.

I am pretty sure Niko is going to stay a good distance away from all of that other pet activity.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and the support. We look forward to being able to show you the things that God has provided for us!



  1. So when will it be ready for me to come visit you guys?? :)

  2. What kind of puppy is it? What is the other dog?


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