Thursday, April 30

Shocking news!!

I've been thinking over the past week about getting a Tattoo that says, "It is well with my Soul". Not too big and not somewhere where anyone would see it much, but I think the thought process here is to offset the tattoos I do have and what they stand for with something else that is just as permanent reminder to me of the victory God has won for me.

I'll sit on this for a long time before I was to ever do something about this... I just thought your Thursday was a little quiet was all.



  1. You have grown up, Benjamin Morrell. I couldn't IMAGINE you voluntarily doing something that involved needles a few years ago. Life has changed!

  2. Ditto what Robert said. think you know someone...

  3. This is how it'll go down (mark my words):

    Ben gets a little tipsy on what he thought was "grape juice".

    He wakes up the next morning with a butterfly on the small of his back.

    Just kidding. I like the idea. Don't tell mom or dad (too late) but if I wasn't so freaked out by the idea of needles puncturing ink into my skin, I'd totally get one. I say do it.


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