Saturday, May 2

Migraines and Cheese

I went to the doctor this week and they looked at me and then suggested I stop taking the stuff I had been taking to try and get better. They then suggested I try Claratin (cheap stuff that) and nasal spray to see if that would stop the pattern of a migraine every 2 to 3 days. We'll see how that goes. The idea is to keep my sinuses from swelling and keeping them moist. At this point I am willing to try almost anything over a migraine every X number of days.

Today Lisa and I had a fairly busy day. After some chores and errands I attempted to make cheese. Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese was what the article said could be made fairly easily at home. I spent a while on the project and got maybe two tablespoons of Ricotta from a gallon of whole milk. The final analysis, with some help, was that the acid I was using wasn't acidic enough thus not causing enough of the milk to curdle. (Curds and Whey) So, while the stuff Lisa and I were able to test was tasty, it wasn't worth the time, energy, or effort put into making what little we got.

I really wanted this to work, but this time around it didn't seem to. Oh well, I guess not everything I attempt in the kitchen can turn out a successful product. Maybe I'll try to use the remaining milk to see if I can make it separate any more with some stronger acid tomorrow. If I get enough for another picture I'll post one.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    Heather got me a cheese book for Christmas, and I've tried a couple of the recipes... Some are frustratingly more difficult than they're supposed to be. There's an Indian cheese called Panir that is ridiculously easy to make - it just uses milk and lemon juice. I highly recommend that you try it! If you're interested, I can type it up for you. Once you make that, it's just a short step to saag panir, an amazing Indian spinach curry.


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