Sunday, March 7

Haven't moved

Hey Folks, I have heard from several different sources that some of you think we have moved to Texas. No offense to the Texan readers out there, BUT, there is seriously no chance I would ever move to Texas of my own free will. (Which probably amounts to me just saying something like, "Send me anywhere Lord, just don't send me to _________________ (country)!" and ending up in _____________ (country).

We make semi frequent trips down there to see my "expert" in my cancer, Dr. Ludwig, but that is about the only moving we will do in that direction. Colorado might get cold, but at least I see the sun. Summer's here have been AMAZINGLY nice. We could use a touch more rain in the spring, but other than that, I like this place a lot.

I went into the infusion center today to get my Neulasta shot. (Which is that creepy medication that will sit in your body until your white blood cell count gets too low and then it will leap into action and do its thing. (Which is boosting white blood cells)) Last time I was sick I was getting 2 shots of Neupigen (sp) a day which is like the dumb older brother of Neulasta. ne works all the time and the other only works when it has to.

ANYWAY, I went in to get my shot yesterday and the nurse (who is like a clone of my best friend's wife (Jane)) greeted us and said I was looking a lot better. I told her I was there for the shot and getting my port de-accessed and that was it. She was shocked. You don't need hydration? Or anti-nausea meds? Or pain killer? No to all three. They were shocked and they did their thing in under 25 minutes and I was out. I think maybe they were hoping for a bit more. Sounds like they had everything ordered up already.

But yes, this week was both high and low, and surprisingly this Sunday I have a bunch of mental energy and I am very awake. I guess we'll see how this week goes. I am sore though...

A big thanks to Diane, Sandra, Floyd, and Keith this week for helping with food and transportation. You guys really lifted by spirits this week and made working easier for Lisa. And of course a big thank you to Lisa for being supportive as my energy/ emotions/ attitude rock back and fourth.

A technical note: I am working on moving the blog and so there could be times where you won't see it or it won't come up. I'll keep my Twitter feed updated if the site goes down. (Which publishes to Facebook as well.

Thanks for all the support as I trudge through this!



  1. It is actually spooky how much that nurse is like Jane. Sure, her hair is dark brown and her face is a bit different, but the her vocal inflections and mannerisms? Almost feels like we've been spending time with our friend. Yes, that's eerie.

  2. Hmm...I must see a video. I do believe I am the "authority" on "Jane" and would like to weigh in if I get the chance. :-)

    Another video is coming.


  3. Anonymous5:47 AM

    That wouldn't be creepy... "Hey, let me video you for a friend of mine."

    You'll probably have to visit me to see it.



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