Thursday, September 2

PET Scanning

It looks like the early bird does indeed get the worm. And by worm I mean IV with which nuclear powered sugars are pumped into ones body and by bird I mean me. Lisa and I got up extra early this morning (5:30am for those keeping score at home) and battled medium traffic to MD Anderson where before my seat even had a chance to warm up and/or I had time to finish my survey about me (when was the last time you had a biopsy, chemo, surgery, do you have asthma, who is your favorite radioactively powered superhero, etc) I was whisked into the PET scan waiting area where there jabbed me with a needle, injected me with radioactive sugars, and then told me not to move for the next hour.

After my hour was up (well done is how I like my insides) I was moved to the (freezing) cold room where the PET/CT scan tube is located. I then lay there for the next 18 minutes pretending the Arctic blast I was feeling was something I could ignore. They then dismissed me and told me to have a good day. (Side note, I still have a few hours left to avoid children and small animals until my body cools down a bit.)

Our trip home took less than 25 minutes (reverse commute) and we were home before a lot of you Pacific time-zoners were even out of bed. I'll be waiting for next Wednesday to hear about how those scans look. I am hoping for less color, more darkness.

Thanks for the support everyone. Maybe by the end of next week we'll have some idea about staying here or being back in Colorado Springs.


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  1. Such a strange dilemna--I long for you to be back in COS, yet I so want this trial to be working. All I can do is trust the loving heart of God to lead according to His great wisdom.

    Did you know Dad is getting an MRI tomorrow? His first in nearly 51 years!


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