Friday, September 3

The League

Part of the whole "moving to Houston" thing that we figured would be difficult was the whole "metting new people" and "trying to make friends" part. I mean here we are in a city we don't intend to live in for any long span of time, how do you go about making contacts when you aren't sure how long it'll be?

We have been been blessed by friends of friends, or friends of family, or family of friends who have welcomed us to this part of the world with open arms and made friends with us. We spent Tuesday afternoon with one such couple. Follow this connection: A friend of mine I worked with in college married this great gal whose aunt and uncle live outside of Houston. This is the second time we have hung out with them and they are really very friendly wonderful people who really help to help forget for a while what I am dealing with. A big thanks to them, and others we have met because of this unexpected change in our lives.

Lesson here: Don't fear change, it's not easy, but you can gain some things from it that you could never have possibly imagined before the change.



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