Tuesday, November 1

What's that?

(Silence) Today was the first day in at least a month that it was just the two of us with "nothing" else to do. (Work, etc) No one to host, no hospital to get to, just work and life as "normal" for here in Houston.

It really makes this place feel bigger... I think I have mentioned that before.

I was all ready to dive into work and get a bunch done but then I was like, wait, calm down pace yourself, no need to burn through my hours in one day.

Lisa staid up late / early working last night she said she, "enjoyed the silence". I woke her up a little after noon. There is sometimes something to be said for a "regular" schedule, and sometimes it's just nice to be able to work until 4 in the morning and sleep in until noon. It's its own kind of freedom.

A friend reminded me that this is the start of the National Novel Writing Month (awkwardly abbreviated to NaNoWriMo) and while I don't think I am going to go the full "50k words" route, I am going to attempt to finish up a writing project I have been working on for/ with my sister. It was a NaNoWriMo many years ago that got the whole thing out of my head and onto the page for the first time. Oh the memories. (I got 17k words in and felt burned out)

In other news, a semi-humorous observation for November 1st, 2011: The shift in pictures from five to eight years ago from "Last Night's Halloween" has changed drastically. This morning Facebook was flooded with pictures of "kids in Halloween costumes" as opposed to the "crazy Halloween party/ strange costumes pictures" I used to see. Getting older changes the flow of pictures on Facebook.

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