Thursday, October 9


Road Trip Music.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's your turn to "shout out, sound off and maybe even show off" in a little segment we like to call: Ben and Lisa need your advice.

Two questions:
1. Road trip music: What do you like? What would suggest? We have 4 MP3 players between us. Books, Music, bands, artists, etc. We have a Rhapsody music account so we can load almost anything on to our MP3 player for nothing. (Subscription model) If you suggest it, and we can find it I'll throw it into the mix and see what happens. As with Audio books we have an Audible account as well so we could download a book or two. We're open to suggestions at this point.

2. Things to do on our trip: We're going to take 4 days to get down to Colorado Springs. The first day we'll be in Boise, ID. The second day we'll be in Salt Lake City, UT. The third day we'll be traveling to Grand Junction, CO. If there are any things of note we should go out of our way to see along the way.

Please feel free to fill the comments with your suggestions!



  1. I'd recommend "My Dear Machine" and "Amazing Grace (Give It Back)" by Sixpence None the Richer from their My Dear Machine EP. I know you can get it from I don't know about other music sites.

  2. Well, since you are going to work with a missions organization--I am reading a book right now called, "Don't Let the Deer Eat the Loquat Trees." It is the story of a surgeon and his pediatrician wife who went to serve in Nepal. VERY fun, interesting and eye opening in regard to working in the 3rd world. I think it is by OM (Op Mob) books, so I don't know if you could get it on audible, though.

  3. I'm a fan of the Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy books read by Douglas Adams. The books help the time pass and the story is crazy, funny, and entertaining.

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  5. Well...

    The best of Earth, Wind and Fire is a great way to start your day Funky! At least I think it is. Also Tower of Power is a good kick in the pants.

    Amos Lee's self titled album has a particular autumnal feel to it. I suggest it for long afternoon drives.

    Angels and Airwaves is a great electronic rock group. I suggest for early evening and early night driving.

    I'm always a fan of the Beatles.

    Have listened to Eva Cassidy? Really listened?

    Jason Mraz, anything live. Amazing sense of melody, truely fantastic guitar player.

    I always enjoy David Crowder.

    Just a few thoughts. Cheers

  6. We listen to Broadway musicals and sing at the top of our lungs. I know it's crazy - but it makes the time FLY by.

    You should try to stop by Arches National park. It is south of the freeway as you drive from Salt Lake to Grand Junction. Almost at the border. Look up the town Moab. Really - it's worth a day trip. Phenomenal! Remember the bizarre planet landscape from Galaxy Quest - that's at Arches. Beautiful!

  7. I'm with Adam, the Jason Mraz live stuff is great.

    Priscilla Ahn is awesome. Fun music, BEAUTIFUL voice.

    Ingrid Michaelson is the best driving music I think.

    Old school it up! Jars of Clay!!!

  8. Heres an idea...a bit late...sorry.

    Start off with music that you both listened to when you were in High School, stuff that maybe the other person hasn't heard. From there work up chronologically to current day stuff that reminds you of specific moments over the past couple years of your marriage. Hopefully the songs ideas come quickly too you but I had a couple of suggestions.

    Phil Keggy
    Stan Freeburg
    Jars of Clay
    Smalltown Poets
    DC Talk
    Michael W. Smith "Freedom" (instrumental album)

    Led Zepplin "Mothership" (Be advised after having my sister listen to this she said "Wow, thank you for introducing me to a band I absolutely never want to listen to again!" I think it's great road music.)

    I concur about the broadway musicals. Try "The Scarlett Pimpernel"

    How about some Enya for the times you feel nice and emotive. Just don't do the "Big Picture" in the car.

  9. Anonymous6:10 PM

    It's probably a moot point by this time, but The Avett Brothers have an awesome album called Emotionalism. It makes Seattle driving much more fun. I can only imagine what it would be like on a road trip! Check it out, dude :)
    Also, if you're going the Broadway Musical route, Batboy is phenomenal. Fun pop/rock score with classic musical theatre nods as well and a killer gospel piece, plus some terrific tongue in cheek moments that delight in and make fun of the broadway musical genre all at the same time! Don't let the title throw you off. Yes, it was "ripped from the tabloid headlines" but the story is hysterical and heartwarming. Enjoy!


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