Wednesday, April 16

It's back... (Good News!!)

To a cancer free life!? Our appointment today was amazing. We checked in at 4pm, and we were into and had seen the doctor and were out again at 4:30. Pretty impressive.

The other thing that was pretty impressive was the scan. The doctor couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Everything looked just fine to him. The word "remission" was tossed about as well. (I even LOOKED at the scans myself this time... pretty cool)

My blood counts are still low, but the doctor said it can take 6 months to a year for those to come back to normal after what I have been through and he's not worried about that.

I guess I am still in a bit of shock. I pretty much was trying NOT to expect the worst, but I was. I got the complete opposite of the worst news, I got the best news.

My prayer before I went in was that if the news was good I wouldn't slip into mediocrity in my life, and if the news was bad that I wouldn't let it effect my attitude. Well, the news was good, so it looks like I have a more difficult task ahead of me.

My next appointment is in August and I won't require another scan until October. Great news all around.

Thank you all for your support, prayers, letters, notes and thoughts. Praise God for His blessings. Thank you all. Praise the Lord.



  1. Praise God!
    Great news Ben.

  2. After a year of what feels like usually hearing the worst news, the best news is wonderful and such a relief. I feel in shock, too. Praise God for His great kindness. I think we've all learned a little better how to live one day at a time!


  3. Anonymous6:09 PM

    That is great to hear, Ben. I am really happy!! :-)

  4. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Praise the Lord! To Him be all glory.

    Matt and Sara

  5. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I've been tense all day, and like the rest of the immediate family, was braced for the worst. You continue to be a spiritual inspiration to everyone whose life you have touched. I praise God for His faithfulness and for His continued care for you, Ben.


  6. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Ben, your title for this posting was wicked! The old sense of humor is certainly back. Praise the Lord!

  7. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Praise God!

  8. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Yay! Praise God!

  9. Woo hoo! :-D

    We're so happy for you! Praise God!

  10. Great news Ben! I am so happy for you and your family!!!
    Praise the Lord!

  11. Ben,

    We were all at my parent's house and breathed a sigh of relief when we read the news. We were praying for you-still are, that you will continue to be cancer free. What a blessing!!!! Praise the Lord!

  12. Great news Ben!!! I don't think you'll be "slipping into mediocrity" - but what will you do with your unique insights into God's loving faithfulness and our dependence on Him?


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