Ben's Playlist

There are a few songs that really, constantly touched Ben. These are his descriptions those songs and why they resonated with him:

1. Sanctus Real: I'm not Alright (Acoustic) link
Track twelve on this CD is the acoustic version of this song. It's the same name as the album it's on. This is a song about being hurt and broken, and through it all moving closer to Christ despite the fact that we are "broken inside". This nails how I feel so many times in so many ways.

2. Phil Keaggy: Hold me Jesus link
Rich Mullins originally sang this song, but Phil Keaggy sings it better I think. I can't find a recorded copy of it anywhere other than the youtube video above. "Hold me Jesus because I am shaking like a leaf" has come to mind so many times in my battle with cancer.

3. Leeland: Carried to the Table link
This song is all about the grace of God. And God healing the broken, and using the broken and calling us in our weakness. Also dealing with being freed from feeling alone.

4. Phil Keaggy: Under the Grace link
Phil Keaggy captures what I feel is genuine emotion in this song. The lyrics describe so much of what I have lain in bed worrying, thinking, praying and eventually resolving.

5. Phil Wickham: Grace link
This is a call out to God to have grace and to guide me because there is no way I can do any of this on my own. Phil Wickham was really a musical help to get through cancer the first time.

6. Phil Keaggy: Tender Love link 
This is a reminder that the love of God is a tender love. The first line, "It's a tender love that is going to see you through..." is classic. The song is almost like a lullaby. This song has run through my head in some really tough times. It also reminds me that no matter how tough the journey is there is always more I can learn about the love of God.

7. Big Tent Revival: One More Song link
This song is difficult to find, and I don't think I had ever heard it before a year ago. This is a request to God asking that He make life meaningful. And no matter what I am going through I want the journey to be worthwhile for not only me, but the people around me.

8. Matt Maher: Your Grace is Enough link 
This is a song that has been added since coming to Houston. The energy here has a lot of hope and kind of mimics the reason we have moved here in the first place. We are trying to find a solution to my cancer "problem", but ultimately God's grace is enough.

9. Owl City: Honey and the Bee link
I am sure to possibly catch some flak for this from someone, but honestly this song has so much energy and life, and there is a sweetness to it. It's not too serious, it's fun. It seems more like what I want life to be. (or should I say Bee...)

10. Phil Keaggy: True Believers, the whole album link
As I was listening to this recently I realized that more than half the songs on the album really speak to me in some way or another. I listened to this throughout high school and even now sixteen years later I am deeply moved when I hear some of these songs, and a lot of them speak to some of the things that have happened in my life. Also great guitar solos...