About "Greatly, Deeply"

For many years, the readers of Ben Morrell's blog told him "You should write a book!" Being a man of many aspirations, Ben generally agreed, but didn't settle on a particular topic - until March 2013. That month, after nearly six years fighting cancer, his doctor said that he had less than six months to live. Ben wanted to leave us with the story of how God was true to him for all that time.

He gathered together a team of volunteers to make this book a reality. With them, Ben made the initial decisions for the direction of the book before he passed away on May 9th, 2013. The editors continued, poring over blog post after blog post, until they had whittled the extensive collection of Ben’s writing down into the book you see here.

It was important to Ben that the book be a team effort. He felt that the blog was for him, but the book was for the readers, and as such he wanted many people to contribute. A small team of people spent their free time helping with content selection, editing, formatting, citations, over design, and writing whichever ancillary pieces of text needed to be included to make the story work. Lisa worked tirelessly to make sure the volunteers had everything they needed, and a staggering number of emails were sent out to coordinate the efforts of so many talented people.

"Greatly, Deeply" is Ben’s tangible legacy in the world, physical proof of God’s provision and faithfulness in this humble man’s life. The book’s title is derived from an A. W. Tozer quote that sums up Ben’s life and book perfectly:

“It is doubtful God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.”

We don't actually see this quote as a solid rule in life, but more a description of Ben's life during the years he had cancer.  It is the hope of everyone who helped put this book together that you will find a catalyst for purpose hidden within its pages. We hope Ben’s life and ministry changes your life the way it changed ours.

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