Tuesday, March 1


I'm waiting to put my computer back together until I get the DVD burner I ordered. This way I won't need to worry about having it plugged in and not backed-up. So I've been using my laptop to provide me with things like email.

In other news LISA HAS A JOB INTERVIEW ON THURSDAY! =) I was hoping she'd spill the beans on her website, but she hasn't. (It's with the same group who designed our new church building. TGB Architects or something like that...)

Also on Thursday here at school is the Medieval Studies Roundtable. 9:30am to 3:00pm (with lunch provided) and a concert at 7pm. Thursday will be a good day, full of talks about things old and some old music to go with it. It should be fun!

Friday evening finds me in California. (San Jose to be exact) Lisa's cousin is getting married on Saturday so her family is going down and asked me if I wanted to come as well. (I haven't met all that side of her family yet) I'll be back Sunday night though, don't worry. =) (I'm looking forward to meeting her family and spending time with them.)

Ok, I better go back to work now...



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