Friday, March 4

What if...

If my blog/ life were a TV show the commercial to entice you all to watch this weekend would run something like this, "Ben is going to California this weekend. Lisa is going too, as well as the rest of her family. And while they are in California, someone is going to get married!" The camera would close in on Lisa and I and make it seem like we were eloping in California over the weekend.

However when you tuned in at 7pm (10pm eastern) you would have to sit through almost 2 hours of a boring plane ride to discover, at the end, that it is in fact no one crucial to the story of this blog/ life and that it was all just a ploy to get ratings. (Speaking of ratings I think if I was a TV show I would be going by way of Enterprise. (read: canceled)) Seriously though, Lisa's cousin is getting married and I was invited to go along with the Family Massingill to meet some of the extended family. (Who I have never met, and figure that it would be nice before the wedding (my wedding) to see some of these people. (This way I don't have to suffer "Extended-family-in-law-itis". Symptoms include shaking many people's hands and wondering what they are doing at this gathering. (IE: The wedding) This is like a family "heads up".)

In other news; Lisa's Thursday interview rescheduled, and now she has 3 (count them (3)) interviews next week. She's stressed out by school, but I think a part of her is pretty excited about having interviews.

Life and Latin (Vitaque Latinus) continues on this side of the blog. Finals rapidly coming up (YES!) followed by what will feel like an all-too-short Spring break, and then it's BACK to the action.

I was up way, way too late (early?) last night/ this morning trying to get my computer working properly and then trying to get my MP3 player (there is a reason they call it a Zen Micro, when you ask the help-page a question all it does is ask you smaller questions in return.(Ex: Me:"What does this error mean?" ZM:"Why are you asking me?")) working so I could listen to it going to and fro from Cali this week-end. (This weekend someone will get married!)

I'm going to attempt now to hash out 1000 words on the 2nd Annual Medieval Studies Roundtable that "went down" yesterday. Everyone have a good weekend, and I'll make an attempt to write something Sunday evening or Monday sometime.

Aaaaaand cut.



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